Server Started: 15.05.2020

Private High Five x10!

    Server Rules

    When you play in L2Elysion, you accept our terms and condition. Server owners reserver the rights to change this terms and conditions without any previous warning.

    Your character name (or title) can't contain bad words like "admin" "gm" "administrator" or any insult.

    The scam on private stores or auction isn't allowed.

    We didn't allow play our server with ANY third software or interface modification.

    Using exploits isn't allowed, if you find any bug/error or exploit, you need to inform us.

    We didn't allow any bad language, racism, etc.

    We allow to share accounts but you are the only responsive person about this action, we will not do any action to help you in case of steal or any other action.

    We didn't allow players who announce other servers.

    we didn't allow players using dualbox at sieges,tw,fortres or raid bosses.

    The rules are part of our server, and you can't play if you didn't follow them.

    Staff L2Elysion.