Server Started: 15.05.2020

Private High Five x10!

    General Rates

    Exp & SP: X10

    Drop: X8

    Spoil: X5

    Adena: X10

    RB Drop: X1

    Grand Raid boss Drop: X1

    Auto Loot: YES

    Auto Learn Skill: YES

    Cancel: Retail

    Auto Learn Forgotten: YES

    Safe: +4

    Max Enchant: +16

    Normal Scroll Chance: 58%

    Blessed Scroll Chance: 65%

    Element stone Chance: 60%

    Crystal stone Chance: 30%

    Control & click on atribute stone/crystal put all items together (with retail proccess/chances).

    Fundation Chance: 3%

    Buff Slot: 24(+4 Divine Inspiration)

    Dance/Song slots: 12

    1st, 2nd, 3rd change class by adena at Class Master NPC.

    Subclass Free: 3 (Without Quest)

    Certification skills retail like(Without Quest)

    MP Potion: 1000 MP 5 seconds

    Quest Drop: X2

    Quest Reward: X1

    GM-SHOP until S Grade

    Sell Buffs feature

    NPC Buffer

    Auto Acount Register

    Max Client per PC: 4

    Unique Features

    Command of 7 Raidboss: .7rb

    Command of Account Panel: .cfg

    Command of Siege registration: .siege

    Command of Auto Party (Looking for party): .fp

    Castles & Territory War

    Every Sunday at 20:00hrs GMT-3.

    Information about Territory War: Territory War every saturday at 20:00hs GMT-3.

    1 Client per PC (Limit by HWID) at Territory War.

    Flags: Flags will not reset on each Territory War, this part of system it's retail-like.

    Flags: Each castle can have up to 5 flags at the same time, so any clan can have the 100% of server flags.

    RaidBoss, Respawn and Instances:

    Grand Raidboss

    Antharas: Respawn time:264 hours +4 hours Randoms.

    Valakas: Respawn time:264 hours +4 hours Randoms.

    Baium: Respawn time:168 hours +2 hours Randoms.

    Beleth: respawn time:192 hours +4 hours Randoms.

    Queen ant Lvl 40: respawn time:36 hours +2 hours Randoms.


    Frintezza: Min: 9 Max: 45.

    Zaken Daytime: Min: 9 Max: 45.

    Freya Normal Mode: Min: 9 Max: 27.

    Freya Hard Mode: Min: 9 Max: 36.(Active in the 2 week)