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  1. Additional Info Buffs Slots - 34 Dance/Song Slots - 16 Cancellation Return Buff after 30 Secs ANTIDDOS Protection ANTI-BOT PROTECCION Geodata Premium - Yes Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest sub class. Max subclasses - 3 (NO STUCK - NO ACUMULATIVE). Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Loot - Yes Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss - No Wedding System - Yes
  2. New Features

    New Features Zone Randoms: The server chooses a anyone of 2 zones, then a npc spawning in Giran to be a to go to the zone. Followed by a global announcement that the area has been activated. Zone Random 1: Element Zone - PvP. Zone Random 2: Hard Element -PvP. ZONE RAIDBOSS: Turns the raidboss zone in totally PvP. The Raidboss spawned every day at 21:30hrs GMT-03:00. ¿How am I going to this raidboss zone? NPC Gatekeeper with title "Raidboss Zone" in Giran. Zone Raidboss: "Special Raid Boss". Community Contribution: The new system works the following way. Community Contribution: The npc is unlocking new things inside the server when the player's deposit what he asks. Weekly Trader: the npc exchanges items that you farm in farm areas so you can exchange them for item's foundations. Weekly Trader: This Npc Spawned every Saturday for one hour at 22:00 GMT-03.
  3. Olympiad

    Olympiad Retail olympiad game Max enchant items +6 Olympiad Period: 30 days. Olympiad Time started 18:00 GMT-03:00 AT 00:00 GMT-03:00
  4. Castle's & Territory War Information of the Castle: Castle's Tier 1: Giran, Goddar, Aden, Rune, WIN: 5000 of fame Castle's Tier 2: (Los demás castle's) WIN: 3000 of fame Time: Every Week at 20:00hrs GMT-03:00, other's castles at 22:00 GMT-03:00 Information of the Territory War: Flags don't come back at the start of the war in the territory, they have to go and find them at the castle that has them. flags are limited to 4 per castle, so that a clan does not have absolute control of the server. Time:Territory War every week at 20:00hrs GMT-03:00
  5. All instances is retail-off Instances Limit 3 Box per PC
  6. Epic Raidboss Only Weekend Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday Epic raidboss interval time (-2/+2) What does this mean? which can leave at 22:00 or at 00:00hrs GMT-03:00 Ant Queen: 24hrs GMT -3 Antharas: Every Saturday starts respawn 22:00hrs (+2 / -2) GMT -3 Baium: Every Sunday starts respawn 22:00hrs (+2 / -2) GMT -3 Valakas: Every Friday starts respawn 22:00hrs (+2 / -2) GMT -3 Beleth: Every Sunday starts respawn 22:00hrs (+2 / -2) GMT -3
  7. Download

    Client High Five: Google Drive Patch L2Elysion: Enlace System
  8. General Rates

    General Rates Exp: x30 Sp: x30 Adena: x10 Drop: x10 Spoil: x10 Normal Scroll: 58% Blessed Scroll: 65% Element Stone: 40% Crystal Stone: 30% Foundation: 3% Buff Slot: 24+4 Dance Slot: 14 Triggered: 12 Subclass Max: 3 MP Potion: 1000 MP +5 secs GM-SHOP SellBuff Chars NPC Buffer Achievements System Ctrl+Click Stones .fp command for party Global Store (auction) Community Services Community Database Community Clan Recruit Community RaidBoss Status Vote Reward from ACP Account Limit 3 Account per PC Instances Limit 3 Box per PC Anti-bot Premium.