Server Started: 15.05.2020

Private High Five x10!


    A. Any donation you send to us using o any other method it's a a voluntary donation, who isn't neccesary to play in L2Elysion

    B. L2Elysion it's a free to play server.

    C. When you send any amount or currency type, you accept don't have the any mandatory action to give you anything.

    D. Your donations will be used to pay the services of Dedicated Hosting, Web Hosting, Website Maintenance, Source files Maintenance, Designs and "others".

    E. We try to give you a Donation coin item inside L2Elysion server as gift to help to keep L2Elysion up and running.

    1. Donations didn't have a recharge-back under any concept.

    3. You accept this is a voluntary donation and accept never do a recharge-back.

    4. You accept you know and understand the terms: "donación" and "voluntario", and you accept all rules mentioned before.

    5. If you do not accept any term here, you can't donate, if you aren't agree with the terms and do a donations anyway, you will not get charge-back.

    6. If the item "Donation Coin" it's stealed / loose / used / dropped inside the game, you will not get them back..

    8. If you help us with a donation, you will not get any special treat, we keep the treat of all our users in the same way.

    9. If you send a donation, you accept all this terms.